Encryption & Security

All web traffic for authenticated users uses HTTPS to protect our users’ privacy. Our application servers are scanned regularly by a third party security vendor to verify that we continue to meet our industry’s standard best-practices.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Cloud hosting is based on the most innovative cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. It provides highest level of website performance guaranteed by multiple machines with no single point of failure.

Enterprise Dashboard

This on-demand dashboard allows you to review statistics and system performance at a micro-level (individual) and macro-level (firm wide usage). It breaks down your firm’s top performers in terms of visitors to the website and generating leads through the website

No Programming Needed

Get fast, stunning results. Update websites for clients anytime they want, hassle-free. We’ll take care of the technical details

Your Hair

Going to get your haircut can be quite an intimidating experience, especially it it’s your first time in that particular barbershop. Many men struggle to decide how they want their hair cut and for an easier life often give the barber one of two responses, which are:...

5 Black Male Haircuts

Check out the top 5 trendy black males in Hollywood and the music industry and the haircuts they're rocking. Some of the looks below might inspire you to switch your style up. It's always ok to try something new and different with your hair, as long as long as it fits...

How to Pick a Barber

Unfortunately, many men today are missing out on the benefits of having a regular barber. As the barbershop tradition has faded, modern men just end up going to the closest unisex salon to get their hair cut. And each time they get they go, they end up with a...